General knowledge


General knowledge is the basic knowledge of the reader i.e, ‘common sense’ or sense of humor. The father of general knowledge is ‘ Aristotle ‘


Through general knowledge we can have the knowledge of each and every single day , sports, politics, entertainment etc.. General knowledge is helpful as well as beneficial in all aspects . It makes our mind sharp and active.

Important Days

Day. Date

National youth Day. January 21

National science Day. February 28

World disabled Day March 15

World health Day. April 7

World heritage Day. April 18

Earth Day. April 2

Worker’s Day. May 1

World red cross Day May 8

Anti – tobacco Day. May 31

World environment Day June 5

World pollution Day July 11

World yoga Day. June 21

Teacher’s Day September 5

Gandhi jayanti October 2

World Ozone Day September 16

World food Day October 16

UN Day. October 24

Children’s Day November 14

World AIDS Day December 1

Human rights Day. December 10

Good Governance Day

December 25

Marty’s Day January 30

World TB Day March 24

International literacy Day September 8

World tourism Day. September 27

Citizens Day November 19

What are the Benefits of General Knowledge ?

1 Enhance vocabulary.

2 Makes mind sharp and active.

3 Build confidence .

4 Develop interest in knowing things.

5 Helps in mental development .

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